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… its too early for this bullshit.

- Me, no matter what time it is. (via lastisle)
robots-dreams whispered : just another slynoi fellow passing here to say: I LOVE YOUR SLYNOI SO MUCH. Actually I started ship them bc of you, Dead on Arrival is one of my favs dmmd fics 5ever and you are the slynoi queen for me *praise*

YOU ARE TOO SWEET.  Wow.   The best compliment I could ever receive is that someone starts shipping a pairing (at least partially) because of me, so I am honored.  I will try my best to post more soon!

Nothing is more cleansing than reading through Thoreau during a study break.  It really is what I need right now.  Every four years, I really that spiritual, ancestral renewal.  

so i applied for a blogging position at the law school and they asked for a sample of my writing and all i could think about was how all my quality samples are about gay trashy nerds in love.   

lilinett whispered : #1 SlyNoi. I love your writing and can't wait to see new works\updates. Btw will there be an update on 'Dead on arrivial' or 'Art as a malady' anytime soon? c:

I JUST SAW THIS I am so sorry.  I plan to update them both at the end of this month.  So…. SOON.  Yes, the answer is soon.  Very soon. 
I’ll get right to writing the #1 though.  Look for it sometime soon.   Gosh, that’s like my favourite word right now.

fendulusdrop whispered : i saw your tumblr on dead on arrival, and i really really been in love with all your noiz/sly fics and i just wanna say thank you and say you're really an awesome writer and i hope you write more *Q*

Thank you so much!!! I should be writing more…soon.  Once I get a break from law school but yeah.  This comment really meant a whole lot to me.  Thanks so much ;;